About us

Moscow Export Center is a «one-stop shop» for our international partners and a useful resource in the search for responsible and reliable partners, and high quality goods and services from Moscow. 

WHY Moscow?

Moscow today is an ideal launch pad for SME internationalization. It is a center for attracting investment, establishing international links and communications, and a huge industrial, business and transport hub. Moscow provides access to information, business contacts and greater opportunities and is the leader of Russian exports. More than 10 900 exporting companies are registered in Moscow, and our capital offers for export 7 518 types of export commodity items and services.

WHY Moscow Export Center?

  • Moscow Export Center is a unique platform for establishing international business relations, developing and enhancing mutual export/import capacity
  • The «Made in Moscow» export catalogue is a reliable source of exportoriented companies, goods and services
  • Moscow Export Center provides full information about companies and guarantees safe partnerships

Moscow export center organizes business meetings in Match-Making format between Moscow exporters and potential buyers, and technology tours to company workshops and offices.

  • A client manager is available 24/7
  • During business meetings, Moscow export center provides translators, transfers around Moscow, and conference rooms for free


  • Moscow is №1 among the regions of Russia in the export of products
  • Providing information and consulting support to more than 6000 Moscow exporting companies
  • More than 4000 Moscow entrepreneurs attend our educational courses
  • More than 800 Moscow companies have participated in the «Made in Moscow» project
  • We have organized for our clients more than 15 000 business meetings in Match-Making format